4 Ways to Learn English

4 Ways to Learn English

Knowledge of English in our time is an integral part of any successful person. And each of these people learned English "our way." There is no magic "formula" by which anyone can learn English in a matter of days. This article will discuss ways of learning the English language, namely, school, private tutor, online tutor, audio and video courses.

Let's start with the most banal - school. Almost every person first begins to learn English is in school. Big disadvantage of this education is that only about 20% of the graduates speak English at a fairly good level (PS: this does not include the percentage of schools with an English bias). The positive feature is that almost all schools, English is a compulsory program and therefore taught for free.

Next in line private tutor. Of all the ways I have suggested, I would suggest that it is most effective. Dignity and the reason for the high efficiency is that the classes are mainly carried out individually. The downside is the same, what do you spend just a huge pile of money.

The next item is an online tutor (eg skype tutor). If the previous two ways I personally familiar, the online tutor skype to me that something novel new. Person offering this type of training should be a minimum of mega qualified and well-known expert, but otherwise hardly anyone - or to resort to this method of learning. Also note that the Qualified tutor, the more it will cost you a service, and this price will not include high-speed Internet.

The last point is an audio video courses. This type of training is suitable for both beginners and those who want to improve their language skills. The advantage of this course is that it is always on hand in the headphones. You can learn absolutely everywhere for a run on the bus, at lunch, etc. Well, if we talk about the shortcomings, it is finding an effective course that will suit you best.

In conclusion I would like to add that is important is not the way of training, and desire. No great desire to be able to help you even upscale teacher. I also want to say that we should not only learn one way. While preparing for FCE, I enjoyed the tutorial Dragunkina, although it studied English at school 6 years and 3 years worked with a tutor.


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